Who We Are

We are an established and reputable law firm specialising in all matters of Immigration Law. Our team comprises of dedicated and experienced lawyers who excel in various areas of immigration law so you can rest assured that there is someone best suited for you to discuss your case with. At Kalsi Solicitors we pride ourselves on being one of the best Immigration firms in the UK and often we are praised for our dedicated team who are always flexible to take your calls and respond back to you. With quality, communication and cost forming our core business values, we guarantee only the best approach in dealing with our client cases.

Our Philosophy

At Kalsi Solicitors we pride ourselves on being passionate about Immigration Law. We want to do only the best for our clients.


Experience – We have an amazing team who bring together a wealth of experience and expertise to our firm. Being specialists in immigration law, we have lawyers who excel in all areas of this field whether it be completing visit visas, obtaining British Citizenship for you or seeing your case through an Upper Tier Tribunal appeal. Whatever your immigration matter, Kalsi Solicitors have a lawyer that can help.


Confidentiality – At Kalsi Solicitors confidentiality is priority. We respect that every client has their own personal circumstances and a story to tell. We make certain that any documents provided to us, private conversations we have had with you, emails and correspondence from the Home Office are safely and securely recorded. Only your caseworker will have access to your information.

Fast Results

Fast Results – At Kalsi Solicitors we pride ourselves on getting your case completed quickly whilst still to the best of our ability. From your free initial consultation with one of our lawyers, through the application process right until getting a decision on your immigration matter, you will see that our team work fast, effectively and efficiently. Although the Home Office does have its own application processing duration of up to 6 months, we ensure that we are working hard on your immigration case from the moment you instruct us.

Free First Consultation

Free First Consultation – We know sometimes you just want to have a quick chat with a lawyer to see if they can help you with your case without worrying about if you’re going to be charged for it. At Kalsi Solicitors we offer all clients a free first consultation in which we can discuss their case, possible routes and if we can help them with their legal issue. You can call us with ease and rest assured everything discussed will remain completely confidential nor will we impose any obligation on you.